Artificial Intelligence for Patient Engagement in the post-COVID world

  • Date: April 30th, 2021
  • Time: 3:00PM CET

On Friday 30/04 at 3 pm CET, we are hosting a digital session with Alexander Olbrechts from Agoria, where you will learn how Artificial Intelligence can improve the quality of Patient Engagement and make it more efficient.

Our speakers Kristien Verreydt from Radix and Alexander Olbrechts from Agoria will cover:

  • ️Major areas where AI makes a difference in Healthcare, and major challenges
  • Challenges to AI adoption in the current healthcare landscape
  • ️How to identify impactful AI use cases together with the end-user
  • ️Concrete AI use cases to support patients
  • ️What to keep in mind when building AI solutions for health