MLOps Maturity Scan

Steer your ML to success: race towards efficiency and reliability in AI implementation

What is it?

Creating value with AI applications is more than just having performant models. Like in Formula 1, where a talented driver needs the support of a top-notch technical team, in AI, it takes effective processes and infrastructure best practices for teams to excel and make a real impact.

As the adoption of MLOps and AI in organizations is still new and is changing fast, many struggle with setting up their ways of working, resulting in a too-long time from prototype to production. And, with more models, the maintenance of existing models becomes an obstructing factor to focus on new value-creating AI applications. That's precisely where our MLOps Maturity Scan becomes indispensable.

Are you on the right track with your AI initiatives? Find out with the MLOps Maturity Scan.

The MLOps Maturity Scan is designed to help you improve your capability to transition your AI projects from experimental lab projects to impactful, real-world applications. Value from AI is realized only when it's actively employed in your day-to-day business operations, but to do this you need a strong framework which guides how you organize, develop and deploy your AI solutions. Our MLOps Maturity Scan serves as a comprehensive guide for those at any stage of AI integration - from beginners taking their first steps to those with extensive AI deployments who want a ‘second opinion’ on their way of working on AI projects. Through this structured workshop, we focus on elevating your AI practices, helping you leverage AI's full potential to create tangible, practical value in your business.

Following a thorough assessment, you'll receive a bespoke report and plan of action with tailored suggestions on how to improve the way you organize, develop and deploy your AI projects, ensuring that your AI projects transition smoothly from conception to real-world application, and are easily maintainable so you can keep focusing on extending the impact you are creating with AI.
Need help in rolling out your MLOps Maturity Plan? With the assessment we provide as a starting point, we can then also help you in this journey to integrate AI into your day-to-day operations, creating true value and impact.

In conclusion, the MLOps Maturity Scan brings you beyond simply optimizing your AI processes; it is your first step in defining a scalable and future-proof strategy for how to build AI-based applications and integrate them into your business. We can bring our diverse experience and deep familiarity with the industry's best practices to the table to support you in this. The MLOps Maturity Scan places you in pole position to transform the way you use AI in your business and helps you start with and stay ahead of the quickly evolving technology landscape.

  • Think outside the box when creating ideas together
  • Precisely estimate value and effort for each idea
“The MLOps Maturity Scan provided us with a new level of insight. We were seeking a second opinion on our AI and MLOps practices, aiming to uncover the hidden gaps and overlooked aspects in our way of working. The detailed analysis exceeded our expectations, encompassing not just MLOps but also development best practices. It was like getting a bird's-eye view of how to tackle our challenges in AI deployment and regular DevOps. This has been instrumental in helping us streamline our processes across DPG Media.”
Sam LanduydtArea Architect Recommendation & Search at DPG Media
“The MLOps Maturity Scan transformed our approach to deploying AI solutions at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Focusing on the key dimensions that were identified in the workshop, such as team collaboration, quality assurance, and maintenance, we were able to incorporate AI into our operations both efficiently and effectively. This standardized and scalable approach aligns perfectly with our objectives to enhance operational readiness for future AI applications.”
Pieter Van BouwelTeam Lead Data Science at Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Who would benefit from the MLOps Maturity Scan?

Organisations starting their AI journey

The MLOps Maturity Scan is ideal for organizations that have implemented a few ML use cases and are beginning to encounter limitations in production environments. This juncture often marks the perfect moment to explore best practices in ML operations.

Organisations with existing ML operations

Additionally, the MLOps Maturity Scan serves as an invaluable tool for businesses seeking validation of their existing ML applications in production. It offers a comprehensive review, ensuring that the deployed ML models are not just operational, but also optimized and efficient.

How does it work?


Deep Dive

The MLOps Maturity Scan is a short, focused deep dive designed to evaluate and enhance your company's approach to MLOps. We spend two days face to face with your team going through our MLOps framework and using it as our guide to help understand where your team's MLOps maturity stands, and how you can quickly improve it.


Report with practical recommendations

During the week after the workshop, we finalize and deliver a report to your team containing all the conclusions and recommendations, which we present to you in a half-day face-to-face workshop.

Why Radix?

Radix stands out as a leader in providing AI and MLOps solutions, thanks to its combination of in-house talent and extensive experience across numerous projects and industries. Although the field of MLOps, evolving from traditional DevOps, is relatively new with just three years in existence, Radix has already gained a unique perspective. This experience enables Radix to deliver insightful conclusions and recommendations across the entire ML lifecycle.

Radix's broad view, gleaned from diverse projects in a wide range of companies, allows it to offer tailored suggestions that are not just based on theory, but are also deeply rooted in practical, real-world applications and scenarios.

What are the next steps?

Contact us and let's get to know each other
Agree on timings for a 30-min prep call with your stakeholders
Set a date for the MLOps Maturity Scan
After the workshop, you receive a detailed mapping of your AI/ML maturity in comparison to industry standards