A shared Artificial Intelligence vision

Together, we can achieve a better future

Our vision is to make technology work for and with us. We believe that if technology is used in a creative way, jobs become more fulfilling, people become the best version of themselves, and companies grow.

This vision is Radix's lifeblood - it's reflected in our work, our values and in our culture. We want to improve as many people's lives as possible and we look for people who share the same commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

This is true when we look for new team members but also for our clients - we strongly believe that all of our projects should add value to our society and contribute to a better future.

Below we explain how our vision is filtered down in the projects we have worked on, and how we can help your organisation make a difference too.

How can you ensure your AI project has a positive impact?

We believe in the combination of Business, People and AI. The combination of these three elements makes sure that in collaboration with our clients, we find transformative opportunities and realise them in a way that fits their needs, while at the same time ensuring a positive impact for both clients and society.


Creating value

We want to help businesses grow through the use of AI.

We create value for:

  • The business, which leads to growth
  • The people working there, making them more productive, to achieve better outputs and do more meaningful work
  • Society, through the added value of better and cheaper services


Assisting people

Radix’s output often takes the form of an “AI assistant”, which assists people to be more efficient/productive and generate higher quality output.


Automation of intelligence

Automation is what creates the value for the business. “Automation” brings to mind factories and robot arms, but it’s important to realise that AI is not about automating the mechanical, but about automating tasks that require some level of intelligence.

Example cases where we pioneered this approach

Your Turn

Does this vision resonate with your organisation? If you:

  • Believe AI can help your organisation grow
  • Believe AI should have a positive impact on people’s lives
  • Are excited about the endless possibilities of AI

Then get in touch with us! We will be happy to help you realise this vision in your organisation.