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Our mission is to help business and organisations get ahead with AI. Find out below how we help you deliver AI solutions that are tailored for your business needs and that are ready to scale.

Since 2018
10 solutions
live in production
15 solutions
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Sprint 0
Business case definition
  • Business problem understanding
  • Business case definition
  • Identify how to measure impact (KPI's)
Sprint 1
Ready-to-use skateboard v0
  • Data exploration
  • Data cleaning and preprocessing
  • Simple machine learning model
Sprint 2
Second iteration v1
  • Gather end-user feedback and priorities (data, modeling, UI/UX)
  • Integrate quality and impact metrics (KPI's)
  • More advanced machine learning model
Sprint 3
Third iteration v2
  • Gather end-user feedback and priorities (data, modeling, UI, UX)
  • Explore additional data sources
  • Explore more advanced techniques
Sprint ...
Further iterations
  • Improve on quality and impact metrics through additional data, more advanced modeling,...


What makes an AI project successful?

  • Combine business, people & AI
  • Maximise the impact and measure it
  • Bring you a working solution from the start
  • Iterate quickly through agile development
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