• Why training in Artificial Intelligence?
  • Maximize the value of AI within the organization by having company and domain knowledge
  • Build and expand in-house AI technical skills
  • Offer your students in-depth, real-world AI knowledge (for Universities, schools and boot camps)
  • Support AI solutions after they have gone into production
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What does our training look like?

Through our experience in applying AI in business, we have mapped the skills and information necessary for the delivery of a successful AI project.

This puts Radix in a perfect position to design and give customised training to your audience, be it your team or a classroom. Our offer varies from very technical training to a mix of AI and business. But there is one thing every training has in common: it will give you a head start in AI.

Designed for your needs

Together, we discuss the following criteria to design the best training for your team.


Online or on-site


1-day specialized training or multiple days constructive training.


During a first meeting we discuss what content to cover. Topics range from pure technical content to the integration of technical AI aspects within the business.

  • Example 1

    Build your own Deep Learning Network

  • Example 2

    How to integrate AI in your business

  • Example 3

    What university didn't teach you

Our framework



All content is accompanied by exercises to make sure the trainees fully understand the material. If possible, we use examples within the industry of the trainee.


Progress follow-up

We invest time to fully understand the needs of the trainee and make sure these needs are fulfilled.


Measurable impact

The training ends with an exercise/test to check whether trainees master the goals of the training.



After completion, all attendees receive a certificate.

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Hear what our Lead Trainer has to say

What are the next steps?

  • Contact us and let’s get to know each other
  • Agree on timings for a call to discuss your training needs in detail
  • Set a date for the training
  • After the training, your attendees receive a certificate of completion