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Our story

In 2017, Davio Larnout, technology consultant, was working on a project to help VDAB identify how AI could help them get ahead. Realizing that the identified use case could bring significant impact, the customer asked to develop a first pilot. Davio engaged with both Laurent Sorber, a mathematical engineer, to work on the pilot.

Working together, they realized they shared the same vision on AI and how it will profoundly impact lives by automating cognitive tasks and empowering humans to do what they do best. They both had the desire to create a company where smart people could work to make a difference. And so Radix was born!

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Since January 2018

Our vision

Let’s make technology work for and with us. If technology is used in a creative way, jobs become more fulfilling, people become the best version of themselves and companies grow.

This vision is Radix’s lifeblood - it's reflected in our work, our values and in our culture. We want to improve as many people’s lives as possible and we look for people who share the same commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

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Our mission


We help your business leverage the power of artificial intelligence. Together with your team, we find transformative opportunities and we make them happen in a way that fits your needs. This is how we help your company grow and get ahead of the curve.

Our culture


We work hard and we have fun together. We foster a culture of collaboration, where each team member feels supported when taking on a challenge, and trusted when taking on responsibility.

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Who are the people that work hard to help you achieve your goals?

Davio Larnout
Davio Larnout
Laurent Sorber
Laurent Sorber
Stijn De Vleeschhouwer
Stijn De Vleeschhouwer
Head of Client Relations

Where to meet us

We are frequently present at exhibitions, conferences and digital sessions. In the coming months, you can find us here.

Drop us a line to let us know you will be there and we’ll happily find a mutually convenient time to sit and chat about AI and your career.

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With our previous work, we’ve won a number of awards. At Radix, we always strive to make a difference.


ICT/Digital Project of the Year 2018 award by Datanews

deloitte technology 50 award

Nominated for Technology Fast 50 2021, Belgium by Deloitte

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We are always on the look-out for smart, creative people who share our vision for the future of artificial intelligence. If you are interested in a career with a dynamic and fast-growing company, then consider joining the Radix team.

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Does your organization’s vision resonate with ours? If you believe that AI can help you grow and that AI should have a positive impact on people’s lives, then get in touch! We will be happy to help you realise this vision in your organisation.

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