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Our Clients

Discover how we helped our clients grow and achieve a sustainable impact with Artificial Intelligence.

Paul Smyth

Senior Manager Data Science Capabilities at GSK

We are very pleased to work with Radix throughout the journey. We really appreciate their experience, extended knowledge and integrity. They show great professionalism and made an effort to understand our business and the challenges we are facing.They constantly engaged with our internal teams and our lab scientists. At GSK, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of data science and machine learning. Radix was able to seamlessly integrate with our team and deliver a result that ties in perfectly with our workflow.

Yves Ruland

Project Manager Data Architecture and Artificial Intelligence at Flanders Investment and Trade

We interviewed a lot of companies to see how we could optimize some of our internal processes with AI. With Radix and its CEO Davio, we found the perfect balance between business understanding and technical capabilities. They helped us find a tangible use case that could create tremendous value for our organization. This was a really important project for us: as a public agency, we wanted to set an example of innovation through high-end technology.

Jo De Lange

Head of Digital at Brussels Airport Company

The best passenger experience is one of the main objectives of Brussels Airport Company. Innovative solutions are an important means to this end. Radix works closely with us to translate our objectives into solutions using Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to their efficient and professional way of working, we can achieve concrete results that drive our business forward. They are a group of intelligent nice people who really take our business to heart.

Bart Vercammen

Team Leader Manufacturing Systems & Processes at Atlas Copco

Radix quickly understood our specific challenge and offered us a solution which helped us to optimize our production planning. What distinguished Radix is that they’re pragmatic and efficient, but not afraid to get technical when they need to. Looking back, Radix offered us a flexible and customizable API which slotted seamlessly in our existing processes – ticking every box for us.