Your Talent Management AI Copilot

A game-changing approach for Talent Management

What is it?

Our AI Copilot is focused on dramatically enhancing productivity and elevating quality in interim and recruitment. We empower recruiters to discover the perfect candidates, and candidates to unlock their dream opportunities.

What sets us apart? Our arsenal of reusable AI components ensures lightning-fast deployment, while our commitment to tailor-made solutions ensures each client's unique needs are met with precision. Welcome to a new era in Talent Management.

Focus on quality

We rely on state-of-the-art techniques to provide the best results

  • Continually improving quality by leveraging LLM advances
  • Multi-lingual natural language understanding
  • Fully explainable by design

Make your solution unique

Our talent framework can be customized to fit your exact needs

  • Existing framework components are customizable
  • We can develop new components just for you
“TalentAPI is modular and customizable in nature. Thanks to this, we're able to adapt it to our exact use case at VDAB with the support of Radix. We not only use TalentAPI as an end-to-end, tailor made matching solution for our customers but also as a collection of components that serve as a starting point for new solutions or augment existing solutions that we develop in house.”
Michael De BlauweVDAB

How does it work?


Semantic understanding

Our matching and search components rely on latest technological advances in generative AI and LLMs, specifically fine-tuned by us, to deeply understand the context and the semantic meaning of job titles.

Semantic understanding

Modular minimodel architecture

Our mini-model architecture ensures modularity and explainability. The final matching solution consists of an ensemble of different models, each responsible for a specific criterion (skills, desired job, location, ...) which are combined to provide a final ranking of match results.

Modular minimodel architecture

Chat with your data

CV and job offers often contain lots of valuable information in the form of unstructured or semi-structured text. We can build a dedicated AI to extract relevant information from those, or even build an AI copilot to enable recruiters to ask questions to a CV or a pool of CVs, and enable job seekers to query the job posts using natural language.

Chat with your data

Customization: the sky's the limit

From a speech-to-text AI that summarizes interviews between recruiters and candidates to AI coaches that suggest the next best step to candidates to reach their career objectives, Radix has a broad expertise of tailored AI solutions to cover the use-cases that matter to you.

Customization: the sky's the limit

What about compliance?

Talent API is designed to minimize harmful biases and to be as explainable as possible while maintaining excellent performance. Due to the way our mini-model architecture is set up, there can't be any unwanted interactions between a candidate's attributes or hidden proxies which reinforce limiting stereotypes.

We also take great care of your data. After we guide you in sending us the right data, which is important both for performance and GDPR compliance, we protect what you've sent us by keeping up to date with cloud security practices. We can even help you improve the quality of your data using a variety of different techniques.

What are the next steps?

Get in contact with us!

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