Anticipating passenger flows at NMBS: collecting and using real-time travel demand to minimize overcrowding risks

  • Date: September 3, 2021
  • Time: 3:00PM CET

Understanding your passengers' travel intentions can offer multiple advantages: more efficient operations, lower risks of overcrowding, and better travel planning.

This is useful not only for the transportation companies, but also for city administrations, tourism offices, event organizers and any establishment that needs to plan around the unexpected traveler inflow.

Join us on 3/09 at 3 pm for a short digital session to discover how NMBS/SNCB transforms rail travel in a data-driven way.

There, you will discover:

  • How innovation works at NMBS and how they identified a use case to execute with Radix
  • How NMBS uses a data-driven tool to understand their passenger intentions in real-time to prevent overcrowding, plan for better transport availability and provide information to key stakeholders️Concrete AI use cases to support patients
  • ️Tech: How the tool was built, the effort it took, and its future - presented by an engineer working on the case
  • Several more ways to transform traveling with the power of data

    Interested? Register above and see you on September 3rd at 3 pm.

    This event is led by Christophe Vander Elst, Project Manager at NMBS/SNCB Innovation Lab, and Jerome Renaux, Team Lead and Machine Learning Engineer at Radix.

    You can ask Jerome and Christophe anything you'd like to know in the Q&A block at the end.