Mail signature generator

  1. Ensure you have a circle png picture of you with transparent background.
    1. Open the picture you wish to use for your signature in the Preview app.
    2. Click 'Show Markup Toolbar' (first button to the left of the search bar).
    3. Select 'Elliptical Selection' in the far left drop down menu. (Note: (1) This will not work for pdf files. (2) If the button is not clickable, try moving your window away from the left corner of your screen.)
    4. Select the circle area over your face (Press shift while doing so to ensure a circular area and not an elliptical one).
    5. Crop the image to the circle area with '⌘+k'. If asked for permission to convert to a png to handle transparancy: accept.
    6. Go to ‘Tools > Adjust Size’ in the menu bar. Select pixels as the metric for width and height in the drop down menu. Set width and height to 170.
    7. Save your picture.
  2. Fill in your data below.
  3. Upload your circle png picture (wait for the message that the upload has succeeded).
  4. Click once in the white area of the orange box at the bottom of the page.
  5. Press ⌘+A and then ⌘+C to copy the signature.
  6. In your Gmail settings, scroll down until you reach the signature editor.
  7. Paste the generated signature in the text box.
  8. Save your changes (bottom of the page).