From Proof of Concept to Production: Hurdles and Enablers for AI Projects

  • Date: October 6th, 2020
  • Time: 2PM CET

How can you successfully move from PoC into the production stage, just as our client Brussels Airport Company did?

Join our digital session on October 6th at 2pm, where we will show you how we moved past the hurdles of putting one of our projects, bTag, into production.

  • Radix Product Owner Nicolas Mancini will guide you through the most common hurdles of putting an AI project into production.
  • Thibault Verhoeven, Team Lead Data Science at Brussels Airport will explain specific challenges that he faced while putting the bTag project into production and how they were resolved together with Radix.
  • ️You’ll be able to ask questions to Nicolas or Thibault at the Q&A session at the end.