Decision Making

We helped recruiters make better decisions, and helped organizations become better at matching vacancies with jobs so that their recruitment process is faster, cheaper and with fewer errors.


We created Talent API to guide both job seekers and recruiters to help find the perfect match. Talent API is an easy to use job-matching software that matches jobs with candidates.


Finding the right match is not an easy problem. We need technology that can process/understand the complexity of both jobs and profiles .

Job descriptions and profiles are created by people, written in natural language. As a consequence, similar concepts, such as job titles or skills, can be written or expressed in different ways, making it a complex problem of finding patterns/relations. The latter is the reason why traditional technology is holding out on the promise of automated job matching.

The availability of large volumes of both public and proprietary data, and the increased research in technologies that can learn patterns from this data (i.e., Machine Learning and Deep Learning) enable the development of Artificial Intelligence software that can start learning taxonomies and relations between entities typically seen in job/profile data (job titles, skills, experience, education, …).

Using this technology we developed a product that can be integrated into any system to help identify, understand and guide the match between people, jobs and their future careers.

Success criteria

Relevancy is defined as the interest of job seekers by the measure of its clicks and applications.