AI for Media


Nowadays, people are bombarded by a huge amount of media and content, be it videos, news articles, thought leadership. Media consumers are changing their behaviour. People want the right content instantly. So it’s key for any media outlet to stay relevant through personalised and factual news.

How can media deliver a better experience to readers and watchers? People need the right content delivered here and now. At the same time journalists need the same tools so they can produce relevant and better quality content. 


The good news is that AI can help both end-users and journalists. AI can now provide personalised content recommendations based on user behaviour (time spent on page, engagements with the content), ensuring users come back to your media outlet because they know they will find what they are looking for.

For journalists, the opportunities are even bigger, AI can help them to stay on top of what is trending, factual and relevant. 

See what AI can do for Media at a glance below! 

What can AI do for Media?

  • Detection of trending news facts for journalists to pick up
  • Finding related articles for both journalists and end consumers (people are hooked on the B2C)
  • Identifying those (trending) articles that are related to the topics that a journalist has written about in the past across the world
  • Content personalization (recommendations)


Read this case to discover how AI is helping the media industry meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Business Operations case