AI for HR


A major challenge facing today’s HR and recruiting professionals is to find the right talent. The two main drivers of this changing environment are the decreasing number of candidates per position and the mismatch between supply and demand in terms of skills.

On the one hand, the economy has been doing well in recent years, resulting in a higher demand for employees. On the other hand, the digital revolution is creating a faster and continuous demand for new skills.

This is causing huge pain and is preventing companies from growing and might eventually even lead to a shrinking. What can AI do to help?



The good news is that there are dozens of opportunities that HR can seize with AI to overcome these challenges.

The main opportunity that we see is automation and insights, but this is not to replace the work of a recruiter or HR manager, it is to help them be more productive and happier in their jobs, as boring tasks can be carried out by their AI assistants.

For example AI can make the hiring process more efficient and effective, help identify what skills will be most important and provide the right content to your employees to keep learning. Find out how with our concrete actions below.

Radix CEO Davio has more to say on this topic in this interesting interview.

What can AI do for HR? Concrete actions

  • Make personalized job recommendations on the website to increase the conversion of visitors
  • Automatically match vacancies and CVs to support recruiters so they can do better and faster recruitments
  • Give unique insights to a recruiter so they can better prioritize their actions
  • Detect newly required skills
  • Suggest training or reading materials to develop skill-sets


Read these cases to discover how AI is helping HR teams and companies be at the top of their game.

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