A complete guide on how to prepare to become a Machine Learning Engineer @ Radix

By Margot Deryckere
June 29th, 2021
3 minutes
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You have just found the perfect job that matches your heart, and you’re starting to prepare for the next steps. But what do you need to know? What do you need to say? Our HR manager Margot will share some tips and tricks to ace your Radix interview in this blog post.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

🚀 Get to know the company

First of all, prepare, prepare, prepare! Before applying for the job, make sure you carefully read the job description and see if there is a match. Then, go through our website to know more about our story, culture, and vision for the future. Investigate our impactful projects, read testimonials on our website, and discover our latest insights. And make sure you join our LinkedIn expert community to stay up to date.

🚀 Get to know the team

Make sure you also visit the Radix team page to visualize who you could be working with. Check out the “Life at Radix” Instagram account and make sure you carefully read our blog post “Nine reasons why Radix is your dream workplace”! This research will give you a much better idea about Radix and will help you to prepare some questions to ask our team at the end of your interview.

Get to know the Radix values and see if there is a cultural match

For us, it’s crucial that our cultural values match and that you would be an excellent fit for our team. Each one of our team is unique; however, we all share the same values:

🚀 We are Go-Getters

We dream big, and we are not afraid of challenges! We solve each problem differently and aren’t afraid to take things in hand! We believe in our ability to change the world!

🚀  We have Integrity

We are honest and show a consistent adherence to our principles and values. We keep our promises, agreements, and obligations. And make sure we always want the best for both our team and our clients!

🚀  We are Transparent

We are open and transparent! We love to share knowledge and share ideas! We involve you in business decisions and care about what you think or how you feel!

🚀 We are Critical and Curious

We share our ideas, ask hard questions and give feedback as much as possible. We are curious about what you have to say and are not afraid of asking questions. We challenge you, and we love that you challenge us back to make the best out of it!

🚀 We are Committed

We measure the impact of our work and push hard to hit our goals. We are committed to continuously delivering the best version of ourselves!

🚀 We Care

We are real “people persons” and know that great work is never done alone! So we keep it real, care and build connections with our team by making them laugh, feel understood, and feel inspired! We do lots of team activities that bring us together and let us have lots of fun!

Get a preview of how the recruitment process works

🚀 Step 1: Introductory call with our HR team

First, you’ll meet our HR team! The goal is to get to know you better, see what you are looking for in a job, and see if the match is there!

🚀 Step 2: The Machine Learning Engineer challenge

The goal is to build a Machine Learning model to predict the genres of a movie, given its synopsis. Your solution will be evaluated on the performance of your Machine Learning model and the quality of your code. When you succeeded, we will contact you within 3 working days to go over your solution and discuss how you've solved it!

🚀 Step 3: The Radix Business Case

You will be tested on your ability to think about a real-world example (how would you approach it in real life if you were to deliver a solution to a client). When the feedback from this final step is positive, we make you an offer to join Radix!

Be yourself

The most important thing is to be “you”. We love authentic people who are passionate about what they are doing in life. So tell us your story (e.g., something unique, what characterizes you, what you love doing in your spare time), and let us get to know you as a person! Do not feel reserved or restricted, but feel free to express yourself.

Don’t worry about not knowing the answer to all questions. We are all people, and you can’t know everything about the industry or the job you’re applying for. What matters most is your reasoning behind the answer and your cultural values. And, of course, the potential fit in our team!

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