Nine reasons why Radix is your dream workplace

By Yuliia Hladka
March 23rd, 2021
5 minutes
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We dedicate the majority of our adult life to our jobs. On average, a person spends around 90,000 hours in their life working, so it is clear that work is a big deal. As an AI enthusiast, why should you consider spending those hours with us at Radix?

First things first: who are we? We are an Artificial Intelligence solution provider that strives to improve people’s lives with our solutions. We empower organizations with technology, help them increase profitability and stay ahead of the curve. We care about people and aim at empowering them with AI as much as possible to be productive, happy and motivated to do their best at their jobs. Superpowering people with AI is our motto!

But enough about us! What’s in it for YOU? A career at Radix is more than just a job - it’s an opportunity to become the best version of yourself. Our company was founded with a vision to change the world, and we are making this vision reality by empowering people to make a difference. How? Find out in this blog post!

Here are your nine reasons to check out our open vacancies right now:

1. Real-life projects, real-life impact, right when you arrive.

We believe in learning by doing. Whether you have 5+ years of experience or it is your first job just out of university, there’s no way you’ll be warming the bench when you start. Here are some examples of what our new teammates Brecht and Ruben faced upon joining:

See what our teammates have to say

2. Learn and grow professionally, with our support

At Radix, we love growing together. If you know what skills you’d like to polish, just find relevant training, and you’ll have our financial support to work on those skills and become a better version of yourself! For example, our Team Lead and Machine Learning Engineer Jerome decided to attend Dutch language classes, and we support that.

3. Work at home, but with office comfort

Ever since COVID-19 forced us into our homes, it’s important to keep motivated to work. Every year, each team member receives a benefit of 500 euros as a technology budget to order supplies to make their WFH as comfortable and productive as possible. Don’t have a screen? No computer stand? Maybe you need new AirPods so that your neighbors don’t have to listen to your calls? No problem!

4. Learn something very cool and have fun together, every month.

Before 2020, we had all sorts of team activities together: we made chocolate pralines, went dancing, did escape rooms. Though we had to adjust a little to the new circumstances, we are happily hosting “Watch & Learn” sessions and other team activities online. What is “Watch & Learn”?

In recent months, Alice taught us how to cook an authentic Italian Lasagna, Joren showed us how to draw Japanese characters (he’s a huge Japanese culture fan!), Kristien showed us how to bake the best chocolate cake… We’ve also done a few quizzes, like this themed one about the 90s, and even did an escape room online since we like it so much.

team activities
Our team activities

5. Radix sponsors your Cloud certifications

We care about staying on top of recent AI tools and technologies because we want to offer our clients the best service possible. You get full financial support and time during your work hours to learn and complete your cloud certifications, like Azure or AWS.

6. A team trip every year

Wine tasting, kayaking, chilling at the pool in France… yes. We know it’s not possible now, but it’s not going to be forever. In 2019, we went on a team trip to France together, where we had so much fun and learned a lot about each other. We also played some silly games. Here’s the video from the trip.

This year we’re thinking somewhere in Spain, so let’s hope travel is possible again soon! If not, we will still have a great (digital) time together.

7. Location: the central station

We are located at BeCentral, home to 60 different technology startups whose mission is to create a positive impact in society. You get the chance to be part of this amazing community, build your network and participate in various initiatives on campus. This is great, but also, Brussels Central Station?! That’s the perfect location wherever you are taking the train from.


8. Our team = family

We really like spending time together. While we were still at the office, we always had lunches together indoors or in the park, played Spike Ball, chatted, had a great time. We are also celebrating birthdays together, and everybody always gets a token of appreciation from the Radix team on their Day.

Our team = family
Our team = family

We recently started a Slack channel called “an apple a day”, where we share tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy during these times. Long story short, we just really like doing things with each other and for each other!

9. Our team = your safety blanket, your teacher and your go-to

We might immerse you into a project from the start, but don’t be afraid about being alone. If you feel stuck or need help, you can easily schedule a call with anyone from the team, and they will always take the time to find a solution with you. We also have our weekly 1:1s and team updates to ask any questions you may have on your role and the company.

Our team update
Our team update

Besides, the team embodies our company’s vision and mission, so don’t hesitate to share, brainstorm and co-create together.


Working at Radix means achieving impact with AI, developing yourself and your skills every day together with your team. The team who are not only your colleagues but also your friends, teachers, assistants, leisure buddies, supporters, leaders, followers and just people you love!

If those nine reasons convinced you to join our team, here’s where to start: See you at that entry interview!

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